Question Answer
What is matter Objects that take up space
Whata??s the difference between mass and volume Mass is the amount of matter something is made of and volume is the amount of space taken up by an object
What is the smallest part of matter Molecules
Examples of physical properties Color odor size shape density solubility texture state volume
Difference between mass and weight Mass is expressed in kilograms and weight is expressed in newtons
Physical properties Ductility thermal odor state
Chemical properties Color sound heat light
A chemical a?? Reaction
The substances that enter a chemical reaction are called a?? Reactants
a?? Products
In a chemical reaction a?? Mass
In a chemical equation the number of atoms of reactants and products must a?? Balance
Iron combining with oxygen to form a more complex substances is an example of a a?? Synthesis
In a decomposition reaction a complex substance is broken down into a a?? Simpler
In a single replacement reaction atoms of one element a?? Replace
An a?? Exothermic
The reaction a?? Rate
A chemical equation uses chemical symbols to represent a _________________ Chemical reaction
When iron and oxygen combine to form rust it is called a ___________ reaction Synthesis
A _______________ reaction is the opposite of a synthesis reaction. Decomposition
Is it possible for atoms in two compounds to replace each other? Yes
_______________ reactions release energy Exothermic
Can concentration influence reaction rate? Yes
Is it possible for an element to replace two atoms of another element in a compound? Yes

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