Figurative Language

Term Definition
Simile Comparing two unlike things using like or as
Metaphors Compares two or more unlike thing without using like or as
Personification gives the qualities of a person to an animal, an object, or an idea
Onomatopoeia Words that copy or mimic sounds
Alliteration Repeated constant sounds of the beginning of words
Hyperboles An exaggeration
Idioms Phrases of words that mean more ( or different ) than their words actually say
Mono Greek meaning one
Uni Latin meaning one
Medi Latin meaning middle
Multi/Poly Greek meaning many
Semi/Hemi Latin meaning half
Hemisphere (n) – One of the halves of the earth as divided by the equator; One of two halves of a sphere
Semicolon (n) – A punctuation mark that can be used to separate major parts in a sentence and to separate items in a series if the items contain commas.
semiscircle (n) – A half of a circle
Multiply (v) – To increase greatly in number or amount; to become much more numerous
Multidisciplinary (adj) – Involving two or more subject areas
Multitude (n) – A great number of things or people

rax rax on rax

Term Definition
cell the smallest unit of life that is able to reproduce itself
sperm the male sex cell
ovum the female sex cell, also called the egg
conception the union of the ovum and the sperm cells
zygote the single cell formed at conception, also called the fertilized egg
fallopian tubes two hollow tubes that connect to the uterus and have fingerlike projections that reach toward every ovary
uterus the organ in which the baby develops and is projected until birth
genetic factors traits that are passed through genes
chromosomes threadlike structures that carry genes in living cells
dominant traits traits that always show in a person even if only one gene of the pair is inherited for that trait
recessive traits traits that typically do not show in a person unless both genes for the trait are inherited
multiple pregnancy pregnancy in which two or more babies develop
fraternal term describing children from multiple pregnancies who develop for two ova and differ in genetic makeup
chorion membrane that surrounds the baby in the uterus
identical term describing children from multiple pregnancies who develop from one fertilized ovum and have the same genetic makeup
prenatal development the development that takes place between conception and birth
germinal stage the first stage of prenatal development, which lasts about two weeks after conception
amnion a fluid filled sac that surrounds the baby in the uterus
placenta an organ filled with blood vessels that nourishes the baby in the uterus
umbilical cord the cord that connects the baby to the placenta
embryonic stage the second stage of prenatal development which lasts about six weeks
embryo term used to describe a baby in the embryonic stage of development
cartilage soft,elastic, flexible tissue that provides structure for the body
fetal stage the third stage of pregnancy lasting from about nine weeks after conception until birth
fetus term used to describe a baby in the fetal stage of development
quickening movements of the fetus that can be felt by the mother
age of viability the age at which most babies could survive if they were born (28th week of pregnancy)


Question Answer
paraphrasing restating or rewording
example non profit project collecting coats for needy children
example of a non monetary benefit for an employee a special parking spot
database software can be used to_____ and ______ info organize, sort
a memo would be used for _______ communication internal
A letter would typically be typed using what kind of software word processing
product goods or service that a company offers for sale
what are some examples of sociocultural factors valeuse langugge
what does an organiziational chart show who reports to whom
what can help you optimise your search when searching for info on the internet key words
how would you describe an exclusive sale a sale offered to a limited number of people
whats the main differnce between a coupon and a rebate rebates you typically have to submit a form by mail or online to get your money
what is the return on inmvestment formula(ROI) net profit/ cost of investment * 100
in a direct channel of distribution there is no intermediary
ethical involving or expressing moral approval or disapproval
name and desribe 2 types of market rechsearch Quanlitative- How or whyQuantitative- how many or how much
what is B2B business to business
what is b2C business to consumer
name two examples or work enviroments Job sharing and job rotation
4Ps- name them Product, place, price,promotion
what government agency enofrres the TIA laws the FTC
What purpise does NAFTA do to increase trade in North america
taxes par for ____________ services government
3 channels of distribution direct, retail, wholesale
4 busniess cycles peak, growth, recession, depression


Question Answer
Re Again Repetition-the action of repeating something
Dia Through, across Dialogue-conversation between people in a book or story
Sym Together Symphony-an elaborate Musical composition
Hyper Over, aboveHyperbole-exaggerated claims or statements not taken literally
Ir NotIrrelevant-not connected or relevant to something

Figurative Language

Question Answer
Simile Comparing 2 unalike things using like, as, or than.
Metaphor Comparing 2 unalike things without using the words like, as, or than.
Personification Gives the qualities of a person to an animal, object, or an idea.
Onomatopoeia Words that copy or mimic sounds.
Alliteration Repeated consonant sounds at the beginning of a sentence.
Hyperbole An exaggeration.
Idiom Words or phrases of words that mean more than their words actually mean.
Hydr Greek definition of "Water"
Aqua Latin definition of "Water"
Mar Latin definition of "Sea"
Vis, vid Latin definition meaning to "See, look"
Ology Greek definition "Study"
Sci Latin definition of " to know"
Hemi, Semi Latin "Half"
Mono Greek "One"
Uni Latin "One"
Medi Latin "Middle"
Mutli/poly Greek "Many"

George Final 1101 George 1101

Question Answer
Equation for Total Displacement V=3.14*radius squared*H
Mach Number the ratio of the speed of a body to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium
Single Fixed Pulley not mechanical advantage. Only changes direction
Acceleration Measure to the rate of change in velocity of an object
Law of Conservation of Energy Matter can neither be created nor destroyed
Torque Turning force of an object (in a circle)
Centrifugal Force outward pull on an object
Lever Machine consisting of a fulcrum, effort, and resistance
Velocity Speed and direction of an object
Tension The result of a load presses together or tends to pull apart or stretch a material
Compression When a load presses together or tends to crush on object
Mass Measure of the quantity of matter in an object
Conduction The transfer of energy through a conductor by means of molecular activity without external motion
Boyle's Law the volume of a confined body of gas varies inversely as its absolute pressure varies the temp remains constant
Shear Stress sliding or slicing stress forces
Work the application of force to a body and the displacement of the body in the direction of the force
Speed How fast something is moving in a specific amount of time
Atmospheric Pressure on a standard day 14.7 psi
Four forces acting on an aircraft lift, thrust, drag, weight,
Bernoulli's Principle As velocity of a fluid increases, the static pressure decreases
Drag force that opposes forward motion of an aircraft
Airfoil structure that makes flight possible
Chord Line Imaginary straight line running from leading edge to trailing edge
Camber Curvature at the top/bottom of the airfoil. Symmetrical between top to bottom
Equation for Force F=A*P
Angle of Attack (AOA) angle between the chord line and relative wind. as AOA increases , lift increases. If AOA is too great, laminar flow decreases and destroys lift
Static Stability Initial response to a force that the aircraft will either maintain positive stability, negative stability, or neutral stability
Longitudinal Stability Affects stability around or about the lateral axis (elevators) PITCH
Lateral Stability Affects stability around or about the longitudinal axis (Ailerons) ROLL
Directional Stability Stability around or about the vertical axis (Rudder) YAW
Collective Pitch Control Increases or decreases the pitch of all the main rotor blades simultaneously (helicopter)
100LL Blue
Vapor Lock Fuel that vaporizes too quickly causing a air bubble in the system
Tetraethyl Lead added to increase engine performance
Performance Numbers fuel that has over 100 octane rating
Towing Procedures Wing walkers at each wing tip and one at tail, maintain walking pace while towing, disconnect steering linkage for full rotation of the nose landing gear wheel
What is used for carburetor fires? CO2
Hot Start exceeds max exhaust gas temperature during start up
By the product of electricity is? heat
Petroleum Fire Use CO2 to extinguish
Metal Fire Use dry powder to extinguish
Classes of fire A- NormalB- LiquidsC- ElectricalD- Metals
Case Hardening hardens outside of metal
Cautions for reheating metal could significantly alter metal properties
1100 99% Pure aluminum
2024 first '2' designates primary alloying element ('2' in this instance designates copper)
Cold Working working metal at room temperature
Thermoplastic can be reheated and reshaped
Thermosetting cannot be reheated or reshaped
Composite Material Two or more materials that when bonded, are stronger than either material by itself
Advantages of Composite Materials 1.Fiber to fiber transfers stress (moreso than metal)2.Modulus high stiffness to density ratio3.Longer life than metal4.More corrosion resistant 5.4-6 times better tensile strength than steel or aluminum6.Greater design flexibility
Laminated Structure can have inner core (rigid foam, wood, and honey comb, metal)
Sandwich Structure 'honey comb' has inner coreIf a system is above 1500 PSI, it is requires a back up ring
Bolt Lengths measured in 1/8
Bolt Diameters measured in 1/16
Rivet Lengths measured in 1/16
Rivet Diameters measured in 1/32
Countersunk rivets are measured by overall length
Close Tolerance NAS bolts marked with triangle with an 'X' in the center
Corrosion Resistant Has raised single dash on the bolt head
Bolts are manufactured as a Class 3 fit
Class 2 is classified as Free fit
Clevis bolts are used in applications prone to shear stress
Marking on heads are used to mark their Characteristics
Types of washers 1.plain2.lock3.special
Shape proof lock washers round washers with tabs
Fiber or Nylon self-locking nuts do not exceed 250 degrees

Vocab 3

Term Definition
Assessment -way of collecting and evaluating data for measurement purposes.
Career day – an event that allows you to talk with many businesses at one time.
Formal Assessment – written by a psychologist and career counselors who research careers and career clusters to make the tests.
Informal Assessment – activities in which you talk to someone working in a career.
Career Fair – an organized time that allows you to listen and interact with people in careers that interest you.
Informational interview – talking to people about careers to gather facts and gain an understanding about a career area you are considering.
Interest inventories – surveys designed to help you relate you interests to career clusters.
Internal career design – unique to you, matching your interests, abilities, personality, and work values to an ideal career area you are considering.
Job shadowing – an informal assessment activity where you spend several hours observing a worker at his or her workplace.
Personality Assessment – the result reveal the behavior style that makes you unique.
Self awareness – knowing yourself at the present time.
Service learning – volunteering your time to help an organization or the community.
Skills assessment – measures how well you prefer specific tasks now and whether you can master certain skills in the culture.
Work values – aspects about the career and the workplace that are important to you.

Ch 15-19 Giver

Term Definition
Burden (noun) a difficult or worrying responsibility or duty
Carnage (noun) widespread slaughter or massacre
Concept (noun) a thought or notion
Despite (preposition) regardless of something of something
Ecstatic (adj) showing or feeling great pleasure or delight
Grief (noun) great sadness
Horde (noun) a large group of people
Immobilize (verb) to fix in place, to stop, or disable
Inflict (verb) to cause damage, harm, or unpleasantness to somebody or something
Luminous (adj) bright or shining
Optimistic (adj) tending to take a hopeful and positive view of future outcomes
Precise (adj) exact or specific
Rigid (adj) stiff, not flexible
Solitude (noun) the state of being or living alone
Vague (adj) not clearly felt, understood or recalled