math terms (proofs)

Question Answer
conjecture concluding statement reached using idcutive reasoning
counterexample false example
truth value either true or false
negation opposite meaning
compound statement two or more statements joined by the word and or or
conjuction and (both statements have to be true)
disjunction uses the word or
conditional statment sentence in a??ifa?? a??then form.
converse p-qa??
inverse ~p,~q
contro positive ~q,~p
what is logically equivalent to what conditional & contropositiveconverse & inverse
deductibe facts,rules,defintions
law of detactxhment if p is true then q is true
law of syllogism

Sistem Pernafasan 2 mekanisme pernafasan, proses pertukaran gas, volume udara pernafasan

Definition Term
Proses masuknya udara dari luar kedalam paru-paru Inspirasi
Proses keluarnya udara dari dalam paru-paru Ekspirasi
Kondisi otot antartulang rusuk pada saat tekanan udaara didalam rongga dada lebih kecil daripada tekanan udara diluar Kontraksi
Kondisi otot-otot tulang rusuk pada saat volume rongga dada mengecil Relaksasi
Otot yang berperan pada saat pernafasan perut Diafragma
Pernafasan yang terjadi akibat aktivitas otot antartulang rusuk Dada
Molekul yang berikatan dengan oksigen pada saat oksigen berdifusi masuk ke sel-sel darah merah Hemoglobin
Hasil pengikatan oksigen dengan hemoglobin Oksihemoglobin
Salah satu bentuk cara pengangkutan karbondioksida oleh hemoglobin Karbaminohemoglobin
Enzim yang membantu reaksi perubahan karbondioksida menjadi ion bikarbonat Karbonat enhidrase
Volume udara yang keluar masuk paru-paru pada saat bernafas secara normal Udara tidal
Volume udara yang masih dapat dimasukan secara maksimal kedalam paru-paru setelah melakukan inspirasi biasa Udara Komplementer
Volume udara yang masih dapat dikeluarkan dari paru-paru setelah melakukan ekspirasi biasa Udara Suplementer
Volume udara yang masih tersisa didalam paru-paru setelah melakukan ekspirasi secara maksimal Udara Residu
Volume udara yang keluar dan masuk pada saat kita menghirup dan menghembuskan nafas sekuat-kuatnya Kapasitas Vital
Volume udara yang dapat tertampung secara maksimal didalam pau-paru Kapasitas Total
Jumlah volume udara tidal 500 mL
Jumlah volume udara residu 1000 mL
Jumlah volume udara komplementer 1500 mL
Alat pengukur kapasitas total paru-paru Spirometer

Giver Vocab Ch 4-6

Term Definition
gravitating (verb) move or be attracted by a strong influence
chortle (verb) to laugh with a snorting chukle
infraction (noun) the act of breaking the law or a rule
dosage (noun) the amount of medication in a single dose
interdependence (noun) dependent on one another
indulgently (adverb) to yield to, satisfy, or gratify desires, feelings, etc.
exuberant (adjective) overflowing with high spirits
impatient (adjective) irritated or annoyed by delay
buyancy (noun) the power to float or rise in water
ritual (noun) a set procedure for religious rite
elder (noun) a person born earlier; someone older
adherence (verb) to stick to or firmly attached
intrigue (verb) a plot craftily or underhandedly
retroactive (verb) applying to the past (events)
serene (adjective) peaceful, calm, quiet

Mr 8 pt2

Term Definition
Constipation Infrequent passage of unduly hard and dry feces
Crohn's disease Chronic autoimmune D. Can effect any part of gastrointestinal track
Defecation Evacuation of bowels
Pyloric P to gate keeper opening between stomach and duodenum
Rectocele Hernia of part of rectum into vagina
Hepatitis Inflammation of liver
Hepatoma Tumor of liver
Hernia Abnormal protrusion of an organ or part of organ through walls of body cavity that normally contains it.
Gingivitis Inflammation of gums
Glossotomy Surgical incision into tongue
Glycogenesis Formation of glycogen from glucose
Colonoscope Thin lighted flexible instrument that us moved through colon during colonoscopy
Colonoscopy Visual examination of colon via a colonoscope
Colostomy Creating new opening into colon performed for purpose of evacuating bowels.
Dentition Type,number,arrangement of teeth in dental arch
Diarrhea Frequent passage of uniformed watery stools
Digestion Process food is changed in mouth stomach intestine by chemical mechanical physical action.
Diverticulitis Inflammation of diverticula in colon
Duodenal P to duodenum, first part of small intestine
Dysentery Intestinal D CH Infk. Of mucous membrane
Epigastric P. To region above stomach
Eructation Belching
Esophageal P. Esophagus
Enteric P. Small intestine
Ebteritis Infl. Of small intestine
Enzyme Protein substance capable causing chemical changes in other substances without being changed itself
Dyspepsia Difficult in digestion
Dysphagia Difficult swallowing
Emesis Vomiting
Melena Black tarry feces caused by action of intestinal juices on blood
Mesentery P. Peritoneal foil encircling small intestines connecting intestine.
Nausea Feeling of inclination to vomit.
Malabsorption Process of bad or inadequate absorption of nutrients from intestinal tract
Mastication Chewing
Linqual P. To tongue
Lipolysis Destructive of fat
Labial P. Lip
Laparotomy Surgical incision into abnomen
Lavage Wash out cavity.
Ileitis Infl. Of ileum
Ileostomy Creation of new opening through abdominal wall into ileum
Irritable bowel syndrome Disorder that interferes with normal functions of large intestines ch. Cramp,pain,blotting,diarrhea
Herniorrhaphy Surgical repair of hernia
Hyperalimentation Intravenous infusion of hypersonic solution to sustain life. Use in patients who gastrointestinal tracts are not functioning properly
Hyperemesis Excessive vomiting
Hematemesis Vomiting of blood
Hematochezia Passage of stools that contain red blood rather than terry stools
Hemorrhoid Mass of dilated tortuous veins in anorectum. Can be internal and external

New drug approval

Question Answer
New drug application NDA
The Inestigational new drug review INDA
Who is responsible for new drug approval FDA
Phase one Tested the maximum tolerated doseSmall subject groupsSingle research facility
Phase two Determines the effectiveness vs diseaseSeveral hundred subjects
Phase three Several thousand subjects, multiple testing locations, double blimd testing
Phase four After FDA approval and the drug is marketed and can be removed for adverse effect
Average time to market runs 12 to 16 years
Drug patents To forbid another from manufacturing the same product or improving it to form another. Period of 20 years, but begins from the time of application.
Chemical name A description of the physical structure of the drug molecule
Generic name Name used for FDA approval on the NDAAssigned by the manufacturer
Trade name Used to build brand loyalty
NDC number Used to identify the manufacturing, drug entity, and package size
First five digits of he NDC number Manufacturer
Second group 4 number of the NDC number Drug entity
Last two numbers of the NDC number Package
DEA number Unique identifying number for each person or entity who will have control over controlled substances
Closed system Every facet of a drugs munufacturing, distribution, and use is tracked
DEA number has Two letters then seven numbersThe second letter is the first initial of the ladt name
To verify the DEA number Add 1,2,and 5 number Add 2,4,and 6 number then double itThe sum should have a digit that matches the last DEA number

set 13

Question Answer
???? – ??? grow -grow up
???? hold
??? hot
??? hurt
??? if
????? keep
??? ????? kind
???? laugf
??? ?? ???? light
???? long
??? much
???? – ??? myself
???? never
??? only

history dates wca monroe doctrine 1825

Event Date
Monroe Doctrine 1823
Traveling the Erie Canal 1825
Jacksonian Democracy 1729-1837
The Cotton Gin 1830
Slavery in the South 1780-1865
Cherokee Trail of Tears 1830
Remember the Alamo 1836
Westward Expansion 1841
War with Mexico 1846-1848
California Gold Rush 1849

Japanese Test 4 You jlpt n5 grammar

Term Definition
to be ????
only, just ??
probably ???
at, in ?
with, by ?
I think, probably ????
subject marker ?
but, however ?
there is ( non living ) ???
there is (living) ???
it'd be better to ???????
it'd be better to not ????????
the most ????
or (A or B, choice between 2 objects) ?
question particle ?
because, since ????????N???
from N??
but, although ???????
about, approximately ???
still, not yet ??
until ??
before ??
let's, won't you ?????
let's, shall we ?????
also, too, as well ?
already, anymore ??
don't do ???
please don't ????????
to become ??
in, at, to, for ?
to ?
to go in order to ???
to decide on ???
of (indicated possessive) ?
verb nominalizer ?
to be good at ????
like/love doing ????
to be bad at ????
too much ????
want to ???
have done before ???????
is/are/am doing ????
please do ??????
is okay, is alright to, can ?????
after doing ????
must not, may not ???????
and, with ?
plan to, intend to ????
and ?
is more ~ than ???????

History Vocab

Question Answer
Second Continental Congress The Second Continental Congress managed the Colonial war effort and moved incrementally towards independence, adopting the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
Continental Army the army raised by the Continental Congress of 1775, with George Washington as commander.
Independence the fact or state of being independent
George Washington 1st president of the US and commander in chief of the Continental Army.
Battle of Bunker Hill the first major battle of the American Revolution
impose take advantage of someone by demanding their attention or commitment
policies a contract of insurance
Olive Branch Petition a document requesting to settle their differences peacefully without going to war
Thomas Paine The writer of Common Sence
Common Sense good sense and sound judgment in practical matters
Declaration of Independence a document declaring the US to be independent of the British
Thomas Jefferson 3rd president of the U.S, and democratic-republican from Virginia
natural rights any right that exists by virtue of natural law
fundamental rights a group of rights that the Supreme Court recognizes as being fair and legal
Independence Day a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence
Patrick Henry an American attorney, planter and orator
The Preamble of the Declaration of Independence the Preamble to the United States Constitution is a brief introductory statement of the Constitution's fundamental purposes and guiding principles

Lecture 7 (8) TR & the Domains of Health

Question Answer
Health Health is the achievement of physical, mental (intellectual), emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Many people think of good health in terms of its opposite (absence of disease)
Definition of Health The first three parts (physical, mental and social) comes from WHO. True health involves not only your body but also your mind and your ability to interact with those around you.
Emotional and Spiritual Health Draw on holistic health, holism refers to interacting wholes- the concern with complete systems rather than isolated parts.
The five dimensions of health Physical, mental or intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual
Physical Health Functioning body systems, may mean the absence of disease or disability. It involves physical fitness, it also involves minimal exposure to abuse (drugs, environmental hazards, stress etc.) Can have a physical illness and still manages to be healthy
Mental or Intellectual Health Well-being in the area of thinking or cognition. Includes analyzing or judging, can involve speaking or writing. Looking at our ability to learn and to successfully meet intellectual challenges.
Social Health Looks at our well-being in terms of our interactions with others. Comfort level, social skills, ability to accept differences and your concern for others. Also involves making meaningful contributions to your family community and the world.
Spiritual Health could define it as our ability to love and accept love. Includes trust, integrity, ethics and principles, your purpose in life or your drive in life. Our feeling of selflessness. commitment higher process or religious.
high-level wellness People who achieve a positive balance (holistically healthy), attained a high level of wellness, health not just absence of disease, people are realizing themselves to the fullest, human potential.
Toward high-level wellness and peak performance