Module #6 Text

Term Definition
Flexor Digitorum
Location Of The Triceps Femoris
Nodding Your Head Yes And No Example Of A first Class LeverSeesaw is an example: Center fulcrum between applied force and resistance; force and resistance are balanced.
Brachii Brachialis Muscle (region of the arm)Biceps Brachii: two tendons of origin
Oculi (muscles region of the eye
Rectus (muscles) Parallel muscles with fibers running along long axis of body-rectus adbominis muscle (on the abdomen)-rectus femoris muscle (on the thigh)
Plantor Flexion Or Kicking A Football
Flexing And Extending The Forearm Example Of A Third-Class LeverCenter applied force between resistance and fulcrum; Greater force moved smaller resistance; Maximizes speed and distance traveled.
Pronator Muscle
Trapezius Trapeziod
Antagonistic (muscles) Work opposite of other muscles
Muscle Orgin
Muscle Insertion Insertion: Attachment to movable bone the point at which a muscle's tendon attaches to the more stationary bone.
Belly (Of Muscle) The largest part of the muscle, which actually contains the muscle cells.
Superficial Skeletal Muscles
Excrinsic Muscles
Linea Alba

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