Lists 11-15

Term Definition
crypt hidden
path feeling
plus more
sed sit
contra against
lent full of
epist knowledge
in out
normy law
err wander
cryptic having a hidden or mysterious meaning
antipathy feeling of intense dislike or hatred
surplus a quantity that is more than is needed
sedated calm, quiet, or composed
contaband prohibited or illegal items
fraudulent deceitful, deliberately using trickery to achieve something
epistle a long, instructive letter
indiscreet lacking good judgement
autonomy independence or freedom of will
errant deviating from the regular or proper course
rid laugh
ten hold
prob test
ment mind
plat flat
scen stage
quis ask
muta change
ex out
ap away
deride to mock or laugh at in contempt
tenable capable of being held, maintained, or defended
reprobate without morals
demented insane; mentally ill
platitude a flat or dull remark; a cliche
transcend to go beyond
inquisition harsh, difficult, and prolonged questioning
mutable constantly changing
exalted raised or elevated
appease to satisfy or relieve

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