Latin unit 3

Question Answer
Agricola -ae Farmer m
Italia -ae Italy f
Maria -ae Mary f
Mensa -ae Table f
Nauta -ae Sailor m
Poeta -ae Poet m
Puella -ae Girl f
Regina -ae Queen f
Roma -ae Rome f
Terra -ae Earth, land f
Angus -i Lamb m
Amicus -i Friend m
Annus -i Year m
Christus -i Christ m
deus -i God m
dominus -i Lord, master m
Equus -i Horse m
Filius -i Son m
Mundus -i World, mankind m
Servus -i Slave, servant m
Bellum – i War n
Caelum – i Sky, heaven n
Debitum – i Debt, sin n
Donum -i Gift n
Forum -i Forum, marketplace n
Oppidum – i Town n
Regnum -i kingdom n
Saxum -i Rock n
Templum -i Temple n
Verbum -i Word n
Nominative The subject case
Genitive The possessive or of case
Dative The indirect object or to/for case
Accusative The direct object case
Ablative The in/by/with/from case Prepositions
Aeternus -a -um Eternal, everlasting
Altus -a -um High, deep
Bonus -a -um Good
Latus -a -um Wide, broad
Magnus -a -um Great, large
Malus -a -um Bad
Multus -a -um Much (pl. many)
Novus -a -um New
Parvus -a -um Small
Sanctus -a -um Sacred, holy
Unus -a -um One
Primuse -a – um First
Duo Two
Secundus -a -um Second
Tres Three
Tertius -a -um Third
Quattuor Four
Quartus -a -um Fourth
Quinque Five
Quintus -a -um Fifth
Sex Six
Sextus -a -um Sixth
Septem Seven
Septimus -a -um Seventh
Octo Eight
Octavus -a -um Eighth
Novem Nine
Nonus -a -um Ninth
Decem Ten
Decimus -a -um Tenth
Genitive singular The case used to classify nouns
Person number declension A verb must agree with its subject in ____ and ____ but not in _____
Gender, number, case An adjective must agree with its noun in _____
Cardinal Counting numbers
Ordinal Numbers that order things in a series
Nominative A predicate adjective is in the ____ case
Nominative A predicate nominative is in the ____ case

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