GuntermanMOS Ch 1

Question Answer
Includes examples of work completed in each course and proof of the skills achieved comprehensive portfolio
enjoys teaching others and working in groups, learns best when they can apply new information to real world problems stage 4 learner
comfortable watching rather than doing stage 1 learner
type of coping strategy that may actually increase stress levels nonadaptive coping mechanism
to be more organized in time management you should schedule study time during your peak performance time
the mind map that displays the cause and effect of events chain of events
the first step in critical thinking sorting out conflicting information
the second step in critical thinking weighing your knowledge about the information
the third step in critical thinking letting go of personal biases
The final step in critical thinking deciding on a reasonable action
a person who shifts his weight when attempting to deal with conflict is exhibiting what behavior passive
the constant practice of considering all aspects of a situation in deciding what to believe or what to do critical thinking
actions that identify the medical assistant as a member of the healthcare profession professional behaviors
the way an individual looks at information and sees it as real perceiving
the way an individual perceives and processes information to learn new material learning style
the way an individual internalizes new information and makes it their own processing
the process of considering new information and internalizing it to create new ways of examining information reflection
sensitivity to the individual needs and reactions of patients empathy

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