Chapter 10 Muslim Culture

Question Answer
Who are the founders of Islam? Abraham and Muhammad
What is the language of Islam? Arabic
Where was Islam originated? Mecca and Medina (Present day Saudi Arabia)
What is the holy book for Islam? Quran or Koran
What day is the holy day of the week for Islam? Friday
Where do they worship? In a mosque
When did Muhammad die? 632
Who was the first Caliph? Abu-Bakr
What is a caliph? A successor or deputy
When was Uthman murdered and what did it cause? He was murdered in 656 and caused a civil war.
Who took control of the Empire? The Abbasids
Where did the Abbasids move the capital? In order to solidify power they moved the capital in 762 to the newly created city, Baghdad, in central Iraq.
What were the four social clasees? The upper class included those who were Muslims at birth. Converts to Islam were in the second class. The third class consisted of Christians, Jews, and Zoroas rians. The lowest class was composed of slaves.
Why did Muslims support the advancement in science? The rulers wanted physicians treating their ills.
Who did they rely on to calculate the times for prayers? Mathematicians and astronomers.
What is calligraphy? The art of beautiful handwriting.
Where was the Great Mosque of Damascus made? On the site of a Christian Church.

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