Ante necro extra mal

Question Answer
to be of older Antedate
existing before the war Antebellum
situated at the front Anterior
The am Ante meridium
preceding or prior to Antecedent
a large and ancient cemetery Necropolis
death of animal or plant tissue. Necrotic
A person who communicates to the dead Necromancer
An abnormal fear of death Necrophobia
The death of cells or tissue Necrobiosis
Outside the limits of earth Extraterrestrial
Beyond what is usual Extraordinary
Spending more than necessary Extravagant
An outgoing person Extrovert
Outside the walls or boundaries Extramural
Any disorder or disease Malady
Wishing evil or harm to others Malevolent
Not satisfied Malcontent
Intentionally harmful Malicious
To speak harmful about Malign
wishing evil or harm others
Not satisfied with the government
intentionally harmful
to speak harmful about

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