fugurative language

Term Definition
idoms idoms are phrases of words that mean
hyperbole an exageration
alleration repeated consornet sounds at the beginng
onomage words that copy or micmic sounds
personitication gives the equals of aperon to a animal an object ot a idea
meyaphor a metaphercompares 2 or more things without useing the words like as or then
simile a simile compares 2 or more unlink useing the words as or then

Chapter 21

Term Definition
Industrial revolution the time period when power driven machinery was developed
enclosure revolution the combining of many small farms by wealthy landowners
factors of production the essential elements that a nation needs for economic success
cottage industry a craft occupation performed in the home
industrailizaiton a building that housed machine driven machinery
jethro tull gentleman farmer who invented the seed drill for planting grain
Richard Arwright inventor of the spinning frame, which spun stronger, thinner thread
james watt british inventor who made steam engines faster and more efficient
robert fulton developed and operated and steamship Clermont on the Hudson River
labor union organizations representing workers interests
strike work stoppages
mass production the system of manufacturing large number of identical items
interchangeable parts identical machine made parts
assembly line system in which workers stay in one place adding parts as items go by
laissez faire the idea that govenments should not interfere in business
adam smith the leading advocate of laissez faire economics
thomas malthus thinker whose beliefs about poverty were used to justify low wages
entrepreneur someone who starts a business
andrew carnegie industrialist who led the expansion of the american steel industry
socialism the theory that society not individuals should own all property and industry
karl marx German thinker who put forth a radical view of socialism
communism a system in which the government controls the economy
standard of living level of material comfort experienced by a group of people
factory a building that housed machine driven industry

Government Systems

Term Definition
Autocracy A government where political authority rests with a single leader
Democracy A government where political authority rest with the nations citizens
Executive Head of Government/Head of State
President Title often given to the head of the Government (State) in a Presidential Democracy
Prime Minister/Chancellor Title often given to the head of the Government in a Parliamentary Government
Legislature Law – Making Body
Bi – Cameral Having a legislature divided into an upper and lower house
Presidential Democracy Elect both members of the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch
Parliamentary Democracy Citizens to Legislative Branch then members of Legislative Branch select the head of state in the Executive Branch
Political Party Organization which represents specific political ideas in a given country
United Kingdom Prime Minister
Russia President
Germany Chacellor